106 cocaine capsules found in woman’s stomach

INDIA- Indian police said on Monday they used laxatives for several days to retrieve 106 capsules worth $900 000 from the stomach of a Brazilian women who attempted to smuggle them into the country.

The woman, 28, appeared in a Dehli court while the authorities presented the cocaine, as she is being held in a Tihar jail.

According to Visha Vijay a Narcotics Control Bureau superintendent said the woman arrived in the country on May 14 at the Delhi airport from Sao Paulo, he told AFP, “She was taken to Safdarjung hospital where doctors administered laxatives after X-rays showed the presence of the capsules,”

The capsules contained a total of 930g of pure South American cocaine and the delivery was suppose to land to dealers in the Indian capital.

Vijay said, ‘This is the highest number of cocaine capsules extracted from any professional drugs swallower in Delhi.”

In Indian the maximum sentence for drug trafficking is 20 years.

Photo Credit- www.hindustantimes.com

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