12 University of Fort Hare students arrested for Destruction of Property After Sports Centre was Set on Fire

The University of Fort Hare students allegedly destroyed campus property over discontent with the exam timetable.
  • Twelve University of Fort Hare students have been arrested following a violent protest on campus.
  • The disgruntled students reportedly destroyed campus property and set a part of a building on fire.
  • Some South Africans believe the students were sent to disrupt campus, while others said they should face the law for their actions.

ALICE – The police have confirmed that 12 Fort Hare University students have been arrested for allegedly setting a building on fire and for the destruction of property.

The students are said to have been between 19 and 22 and are set to appear at the Alice Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 6 June.

Disgruntled Fort Hare University vandalised campus over exam timetable

According to The Citizen, a group of unhappy students looted a cafeteria and destroyed several buildings, including shattering the windows of a computer lab at the Alice campus on Sunday night. It is believed that the students were upset over the exam timetable.

Students reportedly were upset that the exam time was congested. However, the university refuted those claims and said that students were consulted about the timetable before it was finalised.

UFH spokesperson JP Roodt stated that the foyer of the sports centre was also burned during the commotion.

“Ahead of the exams, students and faculties were consulted, and any clashes in the exam modules were brought to the attention of the examinations department. Adjustments were made to accommodate these concerns,” said Roodt.

The university spokesperson added that no formal complaints about the clashes on the timetable were made to management by the student representative council (SRC).

According to TimesLIVE, the police were called onto the Alice campus at around 8pm following complaints of a violent protest. Twelve students were arrested on the scene for malicious damage to property and burglary of a business.

South Africans react to violent protest at Fort Hare University

CPUT sends all student home after widespread protests turn violent, student leaders refuse to vacate campuses

Briefly News previously reported that the student protests at The Cape Peninsula University of Technology have come to a head with the institution’s management deciding to shut down all campuses.

The university has ordered all its residents to vacate all residences by 4pm on Friday, 12 May. However, student leaders have rallied against the order, claiming no one will be forced out until management meets with them.

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