13 killed, 16 wounded in Nigerian triple suicide attacks

MAIDUGURI – 13 people were killed and 16 seriously wounded after they were assaulted by three female suicide bombers in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri on Sunday evening, Nigerian security sources said.

A military source, who pleaded for anonymity, said the first female bomber detonated herself in front of a small restaurant in the capital of Borno state at around 9:45pm (2045 GMT), when people where buying dinner.

“As if that was not enough,” the source continued, “the other bombers followed suite a few moments later.”

“What became a great shock is that these bombers were all females, something that you cannot expect from a woman,” the source added.

It is not yet clear the motive of the bombing but it is believed that the females were members of the Boko Haram, which have been attacking innocent civilians of Nigeria in recent years.

Deadly attacks have also dropped in recent weeks and massive security forces have been deployed in Maiduguri to prevent another suicidal bombing attack.

In a statement released a short while ago, The Nigerian government says it is doing everything in its power to avoid similar attacks from happening in the future.

The Boko Haram attacks are the deadliest in Nigerian history with at least 20,000 innocent civilians dead and over 2.6 million others forced to evacuate their homes since 2009.

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