18-year-old wins R9-million Lottery jackpot

MONTREAL- Charlie Lagarde’s world changed instantly when she won the jackpot of some R9 million with the first lottery scratch card she ever bought.

The 18-year-old, who lives near Montreal in Canada, bought the scratch card that set her back about R46 on 14 March along with a bottle of champagne to celebrate her birthday, reports Globalnews.

Charlie could choose either to be paid out in a lump sum or receive weekly payments of $1,000 (R11 600).

After consulting a financial adviser she opted for the weekly payout and the best part; she’s not liable for any tax on her big bonanza, reports BBC.com.

Charlie wants to study photography and dreams about getting a job at National Geographic.

She collected her cheque for the prize money on Monday at the head office of Loto-Quebec in Montreal. Family members and friends were present to share the big moment.

Article sourced from News 24  Globalnews.ca and BBC.com

Photo Credit- CNN.com

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