25 years since Chris Hani assassination – In his own Words

JOHANNESBURG- The City of Ekurhuleni will commemorate the 25th anniversary of his assassination as Tuesday marks the 25th anniversary of Hani’s assassination.

University of Cape Town is expected to honor struggle icon Chris Hani by naming one of its buildings after him. The UCT Building, the New Science Lecture Theatre will be renamed Chris Hani Lecture Theatre, in honor of his contribution of liberating South Africa.

The ceremony is expected to be held on the April 25.

Here are some of Chris Hani words after his return from exile:

In a interview he said, “It makes me realise with impatience the need to defeat this regime. I don’t mince my words when I am speaking about this regime, I hate it intensely.”

“I disagree with a lot of people who think that (former apartheid president) FW de Klerk and others have changed.”

Hani on the future for South Africa, “What I fear is that the liberators emerge as elitists who drive around in Mercedes Benzes and use the resources of this country to live in palaces and to gather riches.”

“The perks of a new government are not really appealing to me. Everybody would like to have a good job, a good salary, but for me that is not the all of struggle. What is important is the continuation of the struggle. The real problems of the country are not whether one is in Cabinet but what we do for social upliftment of the working masses of our country.”

“We need to create the pathways to give hope to our youth [so] that they can have the opportunity through education and hard work to escape the trap of poverty.”

Photo Credit- News24

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