29 Year old woman arrested for the possession of drugs

Black woman in handcuffs

Johannesburg – A 29 year old woman was arrested at a house in Bekkersdal area for the possession of drugs.

The arrest was made by the Carletonville K9 Units when they were conducting their routine patrol duties. They received information about drug dealings taking place at a certain house in Simunye.

The woman has not been identified but was arrested immediately after the police suspected that the substance she possessed were illegal drugs. The woman was charged and will appear in court at Westorania Magistrates’ Court.

Sergeant Linkie Lefakane, Bekkersdal Police Spokesperson, “They went to the address where they found a woman. They introduces themselves and stated the reason for their visit. They requested to search the house but did not find anything.

cffffThey then requested to search her and find two transparent plastic containers with pills suspected to be drugs, hidden on her body.”

The police have been receiving tips of drug dealers since the new drug “flakka” broke the news a few weeks ago. The danger of the drug to its users is severe that the doctors have it found a way to get it out of the system once it’s been taken.

The police urge anyone who knows a dealer or supplier of any illegal drugs to get in contact with their nearest police department.

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