3 Jailed for Digging up a Grave

Angie Godin and her family are looking for leads after her parents' and sister's graves at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Etna were found vandalized early Friday morning.

Malawi – Three men have been convicted in Malawi for digging up an albino corpse to make money out of her body parts.

Thomas Ndini (36), Enock Banda (26) and Jonas Ogara (32), from the south of Malawi have been convicted on Tuesday, by the Blantyre Magistrate’s court after they were discovered to have dug up a corpse of a girl with albinism, aiming to make money out of selling her body parts.

This evil deed is believed by various African countries, where traditional healers believe that people with albinism may be used to create the strongest muthi for different purposes.

A similar story made headlines for weeks in KwaZulu Natal South Africa, where a mother of twin albinos approached a local traditional healer to sell him her two sons for R100 000 each. The story made headlines for weeks, making locals form a protest as more albinos felt unsafe at the hands of murderers.

The 16 year old girl, Chosadziwa Kaunda, died of natural causes last year. This year, May, her mother was notified by the head of the village that her daughter’s body had been removed from her grave.

A man-hunt was launched and the three suspects were arrested and later confessed to digging up the grave of the little girl. Although they denied selling her body parts, her empty coffin was reburied.

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