High court expected to hand down judgment on Muslim group’s challenge

Johannesburg – The High Court in Pretoria is expected to hand down judgment this week on whether Mosques can open for prayers during the month of Ramadan while the country remains in lockdown.

This after two Islamic scholars and the As-Saadiqeen Islamic Centre asked President Cyril Ramaphosa to open the places of worship when regulations are eased from Friday.

The scholars are requesting that the mosques be opened for Ramadan with a limited number of worshippers, adding that the closure of their place of worship was unconstitutional and unjustifiable.

The State last week made reference to South Korea’s so-called “patient 31”, a church member who was thought to have disobeyed quarantine rules and ended up spreading the coronavirus.

Millions of people from various religions have put on hold their religious gathering and have been forced to adapt, with others opting to go the online route for services.

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