4 Dead, 9 injured in Florida bridge Collapse

Emergency personnel respond after a brand-new pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a highway at Florida International University in Miami on Thursday, March 15, 2018. The pedestrian bridge collapsed onto the highway crushing multiple vehicles and killing several people. (Pedro Portal/Miami Herald via AP)

MIAMI- Florida officials said the bridge collapsed on Thursday at the South Florida pedestrian bridge have found four dead after rescuers frantically searched for survivors into the night.

Dave Downey, fire chief said at the evening media briefing that four people had died and their bodies found amidst chaotic scenes of rubble and crumbled cars.


Photo Credit- AFP

Downey said that nine victims were removed early on after the incident occurred and were taken to hospital but did not give detail on the injuries they sustained.

He said the search and rescue efforts were assisted with trained canines, search cameras and sensitive listening devices  and continued into the night.


Photo Credit- AFP

As the efforts continued Governor Rick Scott said, “everybody is working hard to make sure we rescue anyone who can be rescued”.

Scott added that an extensive investigation will look into why the bridge collapsed, he said, “why this happened and what happened” and promised that anyone who did anything wrong will be held accountable.


Photo Credit – AFP and News24 Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department personnel and other rescue units work at the scene where a pedestrian bridge collapsed. The bridge was completed a few days after it was built. The bridge allows people to bypass the busy street of southwest 8th street to reach Florida International University. (AFP)

The Bridge completed days before it collapsed.

WATCH: Bridge Collapses at Florida International University in Miami

Video Credit- News24

Photo Credit- AFP and nbcnews.com


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