4153 speeding drivers… Top 5 SA traffic offences during Easter long weekend – RTMC

Police Speed Traps with radar cameras, on South African Highways

PRETORIA- As the Easter weekend come to an end the Road traffic Management Corportaion (RTMC) said, that speeding, unlicensed vehicles and unroadworthy vehicles were “major offenses committed by motorists in the past four days”.

List by the RTMC, the top five offences where notices were issued from March 29 – 31:

1. 4153 for driving at a high speed
2. 1946 for driving unlicensed vehicles
3. 1909 for driving without drivers’ licenses
4. 1393 for drivers who were driving without seatbelts
5. 926 for driving vehicles with worn tyres.

After Arrive Alive saw the video they said, “This clip is the answer to why we have so many road fatalities. It clearly depicts the blatant lawlessness exhibited by some drivers on our roads.

“There can be no question whether these drivers are aware that they may not overtake across a clearly marked barrier line. What they are doing is lawless, reckless and extremely selfish.”


Arrive Alive commented on the stats they said, “Roads will only become safer when we Obey the Rules of the Road. It is rather alarming to find the numbers of people transgressing on our roads-this is also evident from a recent dashcam video on the N1. We will require continued effective and visible traffic enforcement and plead with all road users to drive defensively and with the utmost of vigilance.”

Photo Credit- Wheels24

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