5 Tips to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes concept glucose meter in hand and healthy organic food, lemon, pear, apples, fresh orange, pineapple and breakfast cereal muesli bowl on a white background
The worst thing about a chronic disease is that well its chronic and its never going away. But the restrictions don’t have to make one suffer but rather still pleasurable and allow you to live life normally.
1. Take your medication. With every sickness, you are always advised to take your medication. For diabetes, it involves a few pills and an insulin, which you must master for your own good.
2. Eat a healthy diet. Eating healthy is one of the hardest things to do but with diabetes, all their special diets restrict is all the sweet fizzy drinks, cakes, sweets and junk food with added sugar.
3. Be informed. Knowing your type of diabetes and everything else will be easier to handle, like your diet, exercise, medication, emotions and how to manage your condition.
4. Manage your stress. Stress is bad for all kinds of illnesses. The increase of stress levels is bad for diabetes because it releases the hormone cortical, which inhibits the effect of insulin. This results in high blood sugar levels, resulting in more stress. It is advisable to meditate or find a relaxing solution suitable for you.
5. Regular check ups. No matter how much knowledge you may have on your diabetes, regular visits to the doctor are a must. All the visits are covered by medical aid.

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