9 000 people evicted in Nigeria

Lagos – Amnesty International and Nigerian rights group reported on Monday that 9 000 people were evicted from their homes in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.

The report also show that ten thousand more residents could also be in a risk of being evicted if the Nigerian government go ahead with the plans of redevelopment in the Badia East area.

This report was issued jointly with Social and Economic Rights Action Centre (SERAC).

“It is estimated that close to 9 000 residents of Badia East lost their homes or livelihoods,” said a statement in the report.

According to the evicted residents the government did not even warn them instead they saw police and bulldozers move in without warning them. This happened in February this year.

The researcher of Amnesty International in Nigeria Oluwatosin Popoola said, “The effects of February’s forced eviction have been devastating for the Badia East community where dozens are still sleeping out in the open or under a nearby bridge exposed to rain, mosquitos and at risk of physical attack.”

The report also stated that, “If these plans proceed as described, tens of thousands will be at risk of forced eviction and face possible destitution.”

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