NGCOBO- A 19 year old young man, appeared in court on Monday with four other accused in Ngcobo Magistrate’s Court in the Eastern Cape, for the killing of five police officer’s.

The teen casted a sad figure in the dock, as he seemed confused, as he first asked to be released on bail but was unsure where he would go if he was granted bail, he said,

“I do not have a home. I lived with the Mancobas with my mom, and now I do not know where she is.”

The teen stood next to three co-accuse  aged 22, 23 and 30. All the accuse can not be identified until a identity parade is conducted.

The accused were barefoot, handcuffed, as the judge told them that they will be charged with five counts of murder, two of robbery, and one for attempted murder.

It was understood in court that the four accused have not been charged for the he murder of a retired soldier close to the scene.

Three accused insisted on representing themselves, even though the charges are severe.

The oldest accused refused to apply for bail.

There are now only four accuse, not the ten reported, said spokesperson for regional National Prosecuting Authority Luxolo Tyali. Reason being is the current evidence only links the four of them.

He continued, “We cannot rule out that there will be more arrests as investigations are continuing”.

Photo Credit-Times LIVE


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