A Pensioner Killed in a Gang Cross Fire

Cape Town – A South African 67-year old pensioner was shot and killed on his way to collect his pension. This man was killed on Monday in what is believed to be gang related crossfire. According to the local people in Cape Town, there have been random shootings for the past 2 months.

These shooting started with the notorious gangs known as Hard Living waging war against another notorious gang called Clever Kids and the Dixie Boys. These wars also include wars against Americans and Jesters also fighting against the Hard Living gang.

This old man was believed that to have left a friend’s house early to collect his pension and then go to the local day hospital. According to the neighbors they were told that they were told that there is a man that was shot in the street lying face down in a pool of blood.

The neighbors were woken up at 4am that morning. This old man was said to be shot in the crossfire and died as he had a sustained a single bullet wound to the back of his head.

According to the News24 website children are kept indoors because parents and families are scared of what happened. The community is really sad of what happened to this old man.

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