JOHANNESBURG – Former South African referee Ace Ncobo says he has been informed that at least three more women will soon lay charges against Safa president Danny Jordaan.

I’m reliably informed that at least three more will lay charges soon.

— Ace Ncobo – Spot On (@AceNcobo) March 30, 2018

In what seems to be a Twitter rant against Jordaan, Ncobo has
highlighted his concern for the victims of sexual abuse.

Jordaan is facing charges of rape set against him by singer and former African National Congress MP Jennifer Ferguson.

Ferguson opened a case at the Parkview police station last week. Earlier this week, she also said that more women would come forward in the case against Jordaan.

“We know there are more than just the three of us. We just have to make them feel safe and ensure their identities can be protected. There is a huge amount of fear. Rape victims are not only fighting stigma in society, but there’s a huge concern about safety.”

In his tweet, Ncobo says the season of dictatorship and collective responsibility for the personal scandals of leaders is over.

Ngcobo pulled out from the Safa presidential race against Jordaan earlier this month.

” There’s only one dictator at Safa. And his name is Daniel. So we call him Daniel Dictator” https://t.co/VCWGZzgwR8

— Ace Ncobo – Spot On (@AceNcobo) March 31, 2018


On Friday, Safa said Jordaan was unfairly treated by the media
regarding the rape allegations against him.

Safa’s national executive committee announced on Thursday
afternoon that it fully supports Jordaan following the rape claim made against him by Ferguson.

NEC member Poobalan Govender-Sammy read out a statement. “The worrying tendency of a trial by the media…you’re all used to this because Zuma seems to have been tried
by the media as well. This is outside of established structures.”

Safa has accused Ferguson of changing her version of events.

Article sourced fromEWN.com

Photo Credit- news24


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