ADF protest against Libya slave trade

PRETORIA – Hundreds of Johannesburg-based African Diaspora Forum (ADF) members on Monday took to the streets of the capital Pretoria to protest against the ongoing slave trade in Libya.

ADF members were raising awareness and demanding for urgent actions to be taken to stop the abuse of human rights in Libya.

“We are here as united to express our anger against the violation of the rights of African migrants who are detained, abused and also auctioned as if they are goods, we are demanding a sudden stop to human rights infringements in Libya,” ADF chairperson Marc Gbaffou said.

The aggrieved chairperson added, “We are here to question what is happening in our continent. What do we call good governance? What about the human rights abuses in our continent that is driving our youth out of the continent, and we don’t address these issues.

“Most of the time, we are used at pointing fingers at other people, saying they are the origin of our challenges, but we don’t talk about our leaders who want to be in power forever.”

Other ADF members also told journalists they believe if Africans resolve their own issues without involvement of Western power houses, like what USA did to Libya when they killed Muammar Gaddafi, human rights abuses can be very minimal.

ADF members also encouraged the South African government to stop abusing and detaining undocumented foreigners but use correct measures of dealing with them to avoid a situation where people are abused.

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