AKA and Nadia Nakai address “break up” and “altercation” reports

Several reports from the weekend suggested that AKA and new partner Nadia Nakai had split following an altercation in Ghana.

Responding to the reports through a joint statement last night, the couple revealed that their weekend in weekend in Ghana was a “fun and beautiful trip” which is now being turned into a smear campaign.

What they saw as “light interactions with industry peers and associates has now being twisted by outsiders.”

Clearing the air, the couple said there was no “physical nor verbal altercation between them”. They are doing just fine and there’s drama between them.

In a letter from their legal team directed to the publication that published the article about the alleged altercation, the letter stated that the piece “impugned their clients’ character, reputation, and human dignity.”

AKA and Nadia’s legal team has proceeded with “civil claims for damages in the amount of R800 000 against the publication.”

Given the nature of the matter, they are expecting “a retraction by 4pm Wednesday 20 April 2020.”


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