AKA thinks men crying over him is a bit OTT

Rapper AKA is not thrilled about fans crying hysterically when meeting him for the first time.

Fans sometimes go wild when seeing the stars and we seldom know how they really feel when people fangirl over them.

A video of a fan freaking out when meeting the star went viral this week.

AKA took the Twitter saying the encounter was OTT (Over The Top).

“Falling to your knees and crying your eyes out as a grown man when you meet me is a bit over the top. Pull yourself together, man.”

It was all jokes for some of his fans, while others didn’t quite find it funny.

“Nikka was showing you major love as a fan. Well, maybe he overreacted a little, but at the end of the day it’s all love. And you made fun of him? Is that how you treat your fans?” one follower asked.

Other celebs have had similar encounters with their fans.

Rapper Siyabonga “Big Zulu” Nene took to his Instagram timeline to reflect on an experience when fans screamed and shouted his name and one fan was brought to tears when hugging him for the first time.

Another fan was star struck after meeting amapiano sensation Uncle Waffles at a gig. In the video, the fan can be seen crying and telling DJ Waffles he loved her and he was going to marry her.

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