AL Foundation offers relief to the community during lockdown

Johannesburg – The lockdown has left many citizens not knowing when their next meal will come from. Help from the government is not enough to reach everyone. Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International through his foundation, AL Foundation has come to the rescue of many in the surrounding township.

The foundation has been delivering food parcels to community members since the lockdown began. The food parcels included much-needed food items such as maize meal, sugar, cooking oil, hygiene products, canned food, and fruits among others. The team at AL Foundation made sure that they pick products that they know community members need during this lockdown.

Pastor Alph Lukau and his team from AL Foundation visited places such as Tembisa and Alexander to give the food to community members who were more thankful for the gift from the pastor. The pastor and the church continue to bring relief to community members through the period of the national lockdown.

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