ALERT- Father of rescued Paris boy was playing Pokemon Go

PARIS – According to French investigators the father of a young boy saved by “Spiderman” Mamoudou Gassama in a daring rescue was busy on the street playing Pokemon Go.

AFP is reporting that the father of the child, who has been living alone with the child in Paris, left the child, as he went out to the shops, the father then remained on the street to play Pokemon Go.

The father had been arrested on charges of neglecting his parental duties, but was later released from custody and reunited with his son on Monday under the supervision of social services.

The mother of the child said the her husband had been “shaken” by the incident.  She further said she could not justify his actions,  as “it could have happened to anyone.”

Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that the father admitted guilt and expressed “profound regret.”

Photo Credit- Twitter

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