Alert- Henry van Breda to be handed down today

CAPE TOWN- The Western High Court will hand down judgement against Henri van Breda who has been accused of murder of three family members, his brother, father and mother in their home at lavish Steelenbosch De Zalze Golf Estate in January 2015.

Van Breda has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him, the chargers against him are to axing his parents and brother to death, seriously injuring his sister Marli, and defeating the ends of justice.

His explanation of the night of the murders was that the were done by an intruder wearing a balaclava, gloves and dark clothing, was behind the attack, and that he had heard other voices of people speaking Afrikaans in the family’s homes.

Van Breda claimed he had a fight with the intruder, and the fight with the axe-wielding intruder, who he said also had a knife, the man then  fled their home, according to his story.

His sister Marli survived the attack but she sustained serious head and brain injuries, and has since suffered retrograde amnesia.

The state last year said Marli would not be available for her brother’s defence and News24 reported that the defence’s closing arguments’s  advocate Pieter Botha insisted that the evidence against his client did not exclude the possibility of an unknown assailant. Botha argued that the state had failed to prove without reasonable doubt Van Breda committed the murders or prove that there was no intruder.

Photo Credit- News24

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