JOHANNESBURG- Vicki Momberg leave to appeal has been postponed to next week, after her lawyer was admitted to hospital he Randburg Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday.

Attorny Anthony Kingdom Onah who represented Momberg on Wednesday morning, told the court that advocate Kevin Lawlor had been admitted to hospital on Tuesday.

Momberg dressed in black pants, a white shirt and a black scarf around her neck, with her hair braided in cornrows.

She is appealing her sentencing, where she was sentenced to two years in jail on four counts crimen injuria last week.

Her lawyer Onah before he was admitted to hospital said, “If it’s granted obviously, the appeal will not be heard here at magistrates court, it will be at the High Court. That’s where the appeal will be heard and it all depends on the judge president if he decides to appoint one judge to sit during the appeal.”

In 2016 she was caught on camera racially abusing a black police officer, she was heard saying the k-word 48 times.

The matter will now be heard on the 11th of April.

Video Credit-News24

Photo Credit- News24

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