Alex to have power restored this evening after switching station explodes

Johannesburg – City Power says Alexander residents will only have electricity restored by Wednesday evening after the Vasco da Gama switching station exploded for the fourth time this year. This comes as South Africans endure another day of stage 2 load shedding.

On Sunday, a criminal allegedly gained entry to the switching station and attempted to steal copper cables.

There was an explosion and thousands of residents were left in the dark.

“We have replaced some of the fencing around there and tried to secure it, but this is still happening. It is a busy intersection, so it means that the community is able to see who enters that substation but they are not able to do anything and the community should take charge for their infrastructure,” said spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

The community of Alex will have to do without power at a time when a cold front grips Gauteng.

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