CAPE TOWN – Convicted killer Henri van Breda should prepare himself for a stiff sentence.

The Western Cape High Court has been asked to consider his age and the fact that he’s a first-time offender as mitigating factors when it hands down sentence on Thursday.

The State has argued for life sentences and state prosecutor advocate Susan Galloway asked the court to hand down a heavy sentence for the attempted murder, saying it is comparable to those for the three premeditated murders.

Van Breba was convicted for killing his parents and older brother and severely injured his younger sister in an attack in 2015.

After Judge Siraj Desai harsh judgement it’s likely 23-year-old will be handed consecutive life sentences.

During argument mitigation and aggravation of sentence earlier this week, Judge Desai pondered whether he should give Van Breda one or two life sentences, saying he’s still a young man.

Desai wanted answers from Van Breda defence lawyer, he asked whether his client had given reasons on why he killed members of his family, Pieter Botha said he tried was unsuccessful several time in getting answers.

In court on Thursday, they will hear whether Van Breda should be sent to the hospital section of Pollsmoor prison, where he’s been detained after judgement was handed down.

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE

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