Alleluia International Ministries has moved to defend pastor Alph Lukau after the so-called miracle resurrection in Sandton on Sunday.

A video showing Lukau praying over a supposedly dead man – who then rises from a coffin – continues to be widely shared online.

The church has slammed claims that Lukau resurrected a dead man – highlighting that the coffin was actually moving when it arrived on the church premises.

It says action will now be taken against those who have tried to defame the church and its pastor.

Alleluia says Lukau and the church remain steadfast in the belief that through the power of God, people can be healed and resurrected.

The church has moved to defend Lukau – saying he did acknowledge during the so-called resurrection that the man in the coffin was in fact breathing.

It says the pastor then declared that the resurrection should be verified by interviewing the deceased’s doctor and the mortuary.

The church has also criticised the media for publishing what it says is biased information and not seeking clarity from the church.

At the same time, some religious leaders and churches have come forward calling for the arrest of Lukau.

Alleluia Ministries International Press Statement

Posted by Alph Lukau on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Source – Eyewitness News


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