A Pastor receives A ROLLS ROYCE WRAITH AND A PENTHOUSE as a Birthday Gift all amounting to R25.5 Million

SANDTON – Pastor Alph Lukau was last night surprised by 5 of his church members with a brand new Rolls Royce Wraith. The church hosts an annual conference that sees men and women from different countries coming to worship and to hear the word of God.

The church is known to be a place of great excellence attracting the most affluent and the grassroots alike, and according to their online portals boasts a membership of 17 000 in one branch.

Speaking at the event, one of the givers was quoted as saying “man of God this is a token of our appreciation to show you how much we love and appreciate you, this does not compare to the amount of work and sacrifices you do for us, so with the little that we have we honour you today.”

It is also alleged that in a private dinner at the famous Saxon Hotel, one of the members of the church handed him a set of keys to a brand new R16 million Penthouse right in the heart of Sandton.

On Saturday the 21st of October, Pastor Lukau along with his family celebrated his birthday in a nearby township with 350 orphans, and it is alleged that he gave the Orphanage a significant donation pledging to fully adopt that Orphanage from this point forth.

Pastor Alph Lukau is no stranger to the news as his ministry was reported to have filled up the Dome in Randburg in March. He was also in the news concerning the Wholeness for Greatness event, a women’s event he hosted at Gallagher Estate in Midrand last September.


  1. the amount you put in shall be the amount you receive and even more, the man of God labors so hard for his disciples, and a happiest birthday to you pastor Alph May the name of the lord jesus christ and his power be known through you

  2. Powerful I like it when people arehonouring men of God in such a powerful way. I pray that the grace to do the same may fall on me .Men of God deserve it because they labour for the kingdom

  3. I was there and I witnessed this great day. This can only be God!!!! May all the hands that planted in such fertile soul receive 100 fold, May their generations never beg for bread,it shall be well with them for they will enjoy the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.

  4. A pastor who is thinking about the Orphans. you are a great man and God is blessing you in all you are doing.

    keep supporting the orphans and i will soon visit you and share my story about my passion for Orphans. AMI member from Zambia.GOD BLESS YOU

  5. What a great man of God he is. I do watch him most of the time on tv. Humble to the call. Accurate prophecy from the throne of grace. A giver. Pastor Alpha Lukau i love you and wish all other Pastors would follow your footsteps. God bless you great man of the most high God.

  6. Alph Lukau hails from Congo, a country that has been subjected
    Indescribable trauma. Without knowing his charitable work, I’m curious to know his input both materials/social and spiritual to the nation of his birth.

  7. jammer dat alph lukau niet zo bekent is in nederland. wij kunnen iemand gebruiken met zo’n gave en zo groot geloof. ik dank u, dat ik op YouTube mag kijken en luisteren hoe groot man u bent.

  8. Let us thank God for using pastor alf to help masses of people from all over the world with his prayers to soothe their broken hearts. He is no fake pastor try him and see God’s work in action

  9. There are prophets and Prophets, my goodness this is the true man of God, I wish people can flock like ants to AMI, wonders are happpening, Pastor Alph I love you with my heart, you come come to help all people all races and every one. You were chosen from heaven

  10. Why people are quiet when politicians are driving big cars, who said man of God can’t? this car is nothing compare to what he is doing in people’s lives. Praying fasting for us in the mountain when we busy enjoying our sleep, this is nothing he deserves much big things, Daddy I love you I can die for you

  11. Men of this kind are very rare and it is a special grace that all Africa gets from our God. This man of God by himself is a pride for the people of God the church body of Christ. The gifts of God in their diversities are manifested in a man and this man comes from Africa. Lord God, we thank you for the grace you give to our continent, give us also the ability to understand what is happening to our continent at this time.

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