Alphabet’s X sells new wireless internet tech to Andhra Pradesh

On Thursday, Alphabet’s X research division said that the Andhra Pradesh state government would buy its newly developed technology that has the potential to provide high-speed wireless internet to millions of people without laying cable.
They have yet disclosed terms of the deal, but the agreement , which begins next year, would see 2,000 boxes installed as far as 20 kilometres apart on posts and roofs to bring a fast internet connection to populates areas. The whole idea is to create a new backbone to supply service to cellphone towers and Wi-Fi hotspots endpoints that users would then access.
Alphabet, who own Google, as well as other online service providers view increasing internet accessibility in developing countries as crucial to the maintenance of their fast growing businesses. Andhra Pradesh has nearly 15 million high-speed internet subscribers, according to a report by India’s telecom regulator. They want to connect an additional 12 million households by 2019, said Alphabet.
X is planning to deploy free space optical technology, that transmits data through light beams at up to 20 gigabits per second between the rooftop boxes. There’d be enough bandwidth for thousands of people to browse the Web simultaneously through the same cellphone tower, said X.
X plans to have a small team based in Andhra Pradesh in 2018 to help roll out the technology.

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