Amcu- The Driefontein Masakhane Shaft should be closed after miners deaths

JOHANNESBURG- Mining union Amcu has demanded that the  Masakhane shaft must be closed at Sibanye-Stillwater’s Driefontein mine where seven workers died after a seismic event.

On Thursday a rockfall hit the the shaft that left 13 miners trapped underground, seven died after the seismic event.

Mine management in the company have said they are investigating the incident.

Amcu president Joseph Mathunjwa said the shaft should not being operating after this incident and death of the miners.

He said, “No worker should be allowed to enter that mine shaft until all the safety issues have been addressed. Furthermore, when I was at the shaft a 3.5 magnitude tremor happened, it was scary and I wason the surface. How much scarier would it havebeen for a worker underground?”

He added that the government and mine companies dont care for miners, “These mines dont want to pay workers a living wage, they don;t want to invest in safety… what is it that they want to do?”

Families who lost ones are demanding answers.

The mines James Wellsted said, “We do provide significant support and ongoing counselling to all of the families and their loved ones and over the course of the next week or so, we’ll be discussing how the mourning will take place, the burial and the ongoing support for the families.”

Photo Credit- Africa News 24-7

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