American singer botches New Zealand national Anthem against England

DENVER, US- Many New Zealanders did not focus on the final score line where their team lost in their ruby league Test against England, but rather everyone was still talking about what has been called as the “worst” rendition of their national anthem.

New Zealand Rugby League chief executive Greg Peters described singer Crystal Collins’ version of “God Defend New Zealand” as “disgraceful” and wanted an explanation from organizers.

The game on Saturday, promoting Rugby’s 13-man version in the United States, however the talking point was Collins rendition where she stumbled through the entire  anthem without appearing to know the words or tune

Peters told RadioLive on Monday, “the anthem was disgraceful, and we are very disappointed by that“.

“The Kiwi national anthem is something we’re proud of, and we will be taking steps to speak to the promoters about that in the debrief,” he added.

New Zealand wasted an early lead, to lose the game 36-18, however fans were fuming for something else as they took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the butchering of the national song.

“The anthem was a bloody disgrace. An embarrassment,” tweeted Jason, while KY Possum said: “Hubby woke up during Kiwi anthem & complained about what he thought was a bloody cat fight outside.”


Video Credit- YouTube

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE

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