American tourist rescued in Australia after long night at sea

Sydney-¬†An American tourist was rescued off Australia’s northeast coast on Thursday after his boat capsized, forcing him to spend a cold and lonely night on his overturned vessel as it drifted on the tide.

On Wednesday night, Levi Verwoest, 29, was sailing his 23-foot catamaran ‘Isis’ 40 km (25 miles) off the Queensland coast, he realised late that the vessel was taking on water.

In just a few minutes the boat capsized but Verwoest was able to active his emergency locator beacon and within 12 hours later of staying adrift, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) come to his rescue.

A helicopter from the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) soon winched Verwoest from the hull of his overturned boat.

“Without that emergency beacon the poor bloke faced a much longer and more dangerous wait in the water for either a passing boat to see him or to be reported missing,” RACQ rescuer Arno Schoonwinkle was quoted in a media release as saying.

Verwoest lost all his belongings, including his passport and his catamaran, but he remained calm when addressing the media.

“It was just irritating mostly,” Verwoest said of the ordeal.

“If I didn’t have the EPIRB I’d still be drifting out there and hoping someone sailed past.”


Photo credit- TimesLIVE

Video credit- YouTube

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