An Angry Mob Burns Down Police Commander’s House

NIASSA – An angry mob attacked and burnt down a house belonging to the local police commander in Mandimba district, in the Northern Mozambican province of Niassa on Monday morning.

The police commander’s house was the main target of an angry crowd which is suspected to have involved the police were responsible for the murder on Sunday of an informal currency trader.

The murderers are also reported to have stolen an unspecified amount of money that had been in the possession of their victim.

A source told reporters that according to the murdered man’s family, his killers included a man wearing a police uniform.

The victim made a living out of exchanging Malawian money, Kwachas, for the Mozambican currency, the Metical.

This activity is against the law but has been happening along the Mozambican border, in full view of the police.

The Niassa Provincial Police Commander, Aguilasse Mada said the demonstration had been so serious that the police had to call for reinforcements from police units stationed on the Malawian border.
“A force was sent to Mandimba district to restore order.

No injuries had been reported in the demonstration but the police are still looking for those who instigated the riot so that they can be held responsible for their actions.

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