ANC says its relationship with Niehaus has irretrievably broken down

Johannesburg – In booting out Carl Niehaus from Luthuli House for good, the African National Congress (ANC) has labelled his latest action as a deliberate act of misconduct and malice.

In a dismissal letter, the party said its relationship with Niehaus – who worked in the secretary general’s office – had completely and irretrievably broken down.

A recent media alert by Niehaus inviting media to witness him pressing charges of theft against the ANC’s top brass is at the heart of the latest spat.

Niehaus wanted to lay a criminal complaint over the non-payment of salaries – an embarrassing issue that has plagued the governing party for months.

Following a year of warning letters asking him to mind both his tone and utterances about the movement and its leaders, the ANC has had enough.

Just two and a half hours after being asked to explain himself, Niehaus was shown the door on Thursday.

In the scathing letter, he was told he did not take the opportunity to clarify allegations levelled against him, but instead misconstrued it as an attack.

Niehaus was told he had persistently acted with conduct that continuously brought his employer into disrepute.

While he had other matters regarding his party membership pending, he had been informed he could fetch his belongings from ANC headquarters between 10am and 11am on Friday morning.

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