Andile Mxakaza Gushes Over Sophie Ndaba After Sharing Her Testimony About God’s Work: “I Am So Happy for Her

Andile Mxakaza said he is happy for actress Sophie Ndaba who shared a personal story of God's restoration in her life.
  • Andile Mxakaza found Sophie Ndaba’s testimony about turning to God when she had nothing to be very inspirational.
  • Entrepreneur Sophie Ndaba was a guest on Perspective, a YouTube channel by Itumeleng Sekhu-Pedi
  • speaking to Briefly News, Sophie Ndaba shared sound advice to people who might find themselves in situations similar to hers.

Actress Sophie Ndaba’s life-changing testimony gained the attention of actor Andile Mxakaza.

Sophie Ndaba’s testimony makes Andile proud of her The former Generations actress was a guest on Itumeleng Sekhu-Pedi’s podcast Perspective, where she lifted the lid on her most personal experiences.

She retold how she started from ground zero but never lost faith in God. Sophie remembered standing in front of the mirror after losing weight and reciting affirmations to the mirror.

She also mentioned when there were false death rumours, but she said she never allowed them to deter her. “I’m a skeleton, and people had already written obituaries. It’s me against the world with my God.” Sophie reflected on that time when she had nothing “I just wanted God to restore me, I looked in the mirror every day for a year. No children, nothing, I was alone with my God in my house with nothing.”

Andile finds Sophie’s testimony to be inspirational On his Instagram page, Andile shared the snippet from Sophie’s interview and even added a bible verse.

Speaking to Briefly News, Sophie Ndaba relayed a message to people who might feel as though their lives are stagnant. She said seeking professional help is best, but also saying daily affirmations helps just as much.

“I would say if you decide giving up is not an option, you will see how God will partner in your vision. Shut out the noise. Remove negative people while you heal, allow only positive vibes and people in your space. Get professional help from a social worker if it’s family pressure.

“Then, a psychologist, if it’s too deep. You must sacrifice all your favourite things to prioritize your healing and fight first. Start reading and watching encouraging messages online and in books. If you lost a lot financially or emotionally. Remember, we serve a God who, when he restores, doubles and more.”

Sophie also backed her statements with a bible verse of Jeremiah 29:11 to 13. “Remember your daily affirmations via your mirror to yourself. I am beautiful, I am restored, I’m a conqueror, I am love, and I have overcome my challenges. Say your name, I love you, and I will never ever give up on you.”

Netizens weigh in on Sophie’s testimony

the_lovely_presto said:

“Yesses. Because God will FOREVER be God. Only HE, has the power to show you who is GOD!!! Sis Sophie is a walking testimony.”

simvio said:

“Her tenacity and zeal for life is so admirable….I needed this reminder!”

manqoba.m.zuma said:

“You may be down and despondent, but it’s not over until you rise again and claim your success. You shall rise again like a Phoenix. Victory is certain if you believe.”

angel_kay02 said:

“The goosebumps I got whilst watching this. God is not a man that He shall never lie, never disappoint.”
rhymes_007 said:

“Whatever God touches, whether the devil likes it or not, it charges for the better. This is God restoring. The beloved daughter. To God be the glory.” Sophie Ndaba breaks the internet with two new snaps In a previous report from Briefly News, Sophie Ndaba posted two snaps showing off her new looks.

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