Andile Ncube accused of swindling stepfather’s kids of their inheritance

Sports broadcaster and reality TV star Andile Ncube’s lavish lifestyle has landed him in hot water with his late stepfather’s family.

In an episode of “Young, Famous & African” Ncube was seen visiting his stepfather Elliot Magubane’s graveside.

The show also featured scenes from the ceremony of the unveiling of Magubane’s tombstone, leaving the Magubane family enraged.

In the show, Ncube is heard thanking Magubane for being a good father. In his speech, he also alludes to him being the new head of the family as he “steps into” his departed father’s “shoes”.

“My dad was a remarkable man, he was an amazing man to myself, my siblings – he taught me to be the father I am today,” said Ncube.

Magubane’s biological son Siphamandla Magubane said Ncube and his mother Nomsa Isabelle Chemane hosted the unveiling ceremony without Magubane’s biological children.

Magubane, who died in 2017, was married to Chemane since 2009.

“We are shocked by Andile’s disrespect to go and film our father’s graveside without the family’s consent,” said Siphamandla.

Siphamandla said Ncube and his mother were trying to swindle them of their inheritance, including three mansions and seven cars, including a Range Rover, which Ncube flaunts on the show.

“There’s nothing as painful as this thing which has been done by Andile.

“We are still being troubled by the fight over the inheritance because his mother is refusing with some of the properties she was not supposed to take.

“As of now, there is a fraud case being investigated by the Hawks, but I will not go into much detail about that,” Siphamandla said.

“My father’s will clearly stated that his wife will inherit 5% and his biological children will get 95% of his inheritance.

“I don’t understand how Andile is fooling the public about the car that is not even his.”

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