Angola president fires top security chiefs appointed by dos Santos

ANGOLA – The President of Angola, Joao Lourenco, has fired the police chief and head of the intelligence service in his first replacements in the security services since taking office in late September 2017.
Ambrosia de Lemos was sacked as Commander General of National Police, and replacing him is Alfredo Mingas. Antlonio Jose Maria was replaced as Chief of the Intelligence Service and Military Security by Apolinario Jose Pereira.
The two security chiefs were appointed by the president’s predecessor and were seen as top allies of the former leader.
Lourenco who replaced Angola’s long serving president Eduardo dos Santos, has been taking a lot of decisions seen by political his authority in the former Portuguese colony.
Lourenco closed a media outfit set up by dos Santos months back, Grecima was largely labelled as a propaganda institutions created by dos Santos. He managed to return operations to the presidency’s communications unit.
The president has also issued reviews of the country’s oil and mining sectors since taking over. The biggest move he has made was firing daughter of dos Santos and Africa’s richest women as head of the national oil firm.
The firing of Isabel dos Santos was announced last week. The president replaced Isabel with an official she had fired previously.

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