JOHANNESBURG – The Automobile Association (AA) says fuel prices are likely to rise again at the end of July going into August.

On Monday the AA released a statement of its prediction for the upcoming fuel price announcement.

It said, “International oil prices see-sawed during the first half of July but remained within a fairly narrow band and did not contribute substantially to the price rises we are anticipating for next month.”

Since June petrol has increased, from the first Wednesday of July, motorists have been paying between 23 cents and 26 cents more for a litre of petrol while diesel costs between 24 cents and 26 cents more per litre.

The AA’s statement added, “Current data suggests a price rise of 19 cents a litre for petrol, 13 cents for diesel, and 22 cents for illuminating paraffin.”

If consist rand and the current fuel price trends continue for the rest of July, the fuel price increase may be lower than expected, but AA could not rule out the possibility of further instability.

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