Anti-govt rapper Cor Akim,abducted as DR Congo vote tensions rise

Rapper, Akim Bufole Corneille, 26, critical or DR Congo president Joseph Kabila was kidnapped in the eastern part of the DRC on Sunday night. His father confirmed this, with tensions running high ahead of the landmark election in two weeks.

His father told AFP that Corneille was taken by unidentified kidnappers, as he left a party in the capital of Bakavu, in the unstable South Kivu province.

“Before he was taken, he wrote a rushed message (on his phone) to alert us that he felt in danger,” Bufole said.

The kidnapping of the rapper, whose stage name is Cor Akim, occured “not far from our home,” his father added. “We arrived too late at the scene, where we found one of his shoes and his wallet.”

Meanwhile eight people were seriously injured in election-related violence in Kindu, a stronghold of outgoing President Kabila, a human rights group said.

According to the rights group, the incident happened in central Kasai region,  six supporters of Kabila’s, hand-picked candidate to succeed him, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, they clashed with members of the main opposition Union for Democracy and Social Progress.

The election is set to take place on December 23, before it was postponed twice, the nation has yet to see a peaceful transition of power since gaining independence in 1960.

Election head, Corneilla Nanga, said there will be no delays, “Fanning violence as some political officials are doing today is very dangerous for the country. There will not be chaos,” he declared.

Cor Akim recently released a new single titled “Mon vote” (My vote), the lyrics include, “I will vote only for a better republic”, and not “for thieves, for vultures in velvet”.

Photo credit- The Independent Uganda

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