Armed robbers on the run after holding workers hostage

Johannesburg – Six heavily armed robbers are on the run in KwaZulu-Natal after holding ten workers hostage.

The group targeted a Boxer store in Sundumbili on Monday morning.

After a five-hour ordeal, all workers were released safely but there was no sign of the criminals.

SAPS spokesperson Jay Naicker said: “We have detectives from our provincial task team that are on the scene. We are quite convinced from the modus operandi they have not done it for the first time.”

“It’s probably one of those groupings in the province that are targeting supermarkets and other businesses so we hope to hopefully now we’ve got good footage of them and you see our forensic guys are on the scene.”

“We are able to lift some DNA and fingerprints from the crime scene and we’ve also got footage of what they touched and what they were doing in the shop.”

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