Artist Michael Gah Turns Clothing Waste Into Beautiful Artworks: “I Don’t Want to Choke the Seas and Gutters

Ghana-based artist Michael Gah is converting clothing waste into beautiful artwork.
  • Michael Gah is an artist who is converting discarded clothing waste into beautiful artwork
  • Some of his designs include children playing with toy trucks, women singing, men wearing matching trousers, and many more.
  • In an interview, he disclosed that besides designing his art pieces with cheap materials, he is also addressing Ghana’s textile waste problem.

Artist Michael Gah is expertly turning colourful clothing waste from tailoring shops and markets into beautiful artworks. From children playing with toy trucks to women singing to men wearing matching trousers, he’s addressing environmental problems caused by waste products such as fashion off-cuts or fabrics.

Michael Gah’s newest art piece

The artist designed his newest textile art piece, the large piece of five men wearing coordinating trousers, from clothing waste.

Textile waste problem

Accra is a second-hand apparel hotspot in West Africa. Clothing from Western countries is delivered to Kantamanto Market. However, assistance is required in dealing with textile waste.

According to Yaw Akwaa Lartey, an environmental health expert, two million pieces of second-hand garments are brought into the region weekly. Per investigations, 40% of these things become rubbish and are dumped at landfill sites and other crude or unofficial refuse dumps across the country.

Gah collects several large bags of textiles every week and transforms them into magnificent showpieces. The creative’s works have been exhibited and sold in local and foreign markets.

Local artist shows off exceptional work

Briefly News reported on a local artist who used the great power of social media to promote his artwork. He shared a few photos of his incredibly beautiful and colourful works of art, which got people hooked in minutes. Art has the power to bring people together. This man was able to maximise this effect and garner attention for his great talents.

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