Aston Martin reveals 533kW Superleggera ‘Super GT’

JOHANNESBURG- British automaker Aston Martin has revealed their 533kW SuperLeggera “Super GT’. The SuperLeggera (‘super lightweight’) was the automaker attempt to build a very light, rigid car bodies in small batches using thin aluminium panels over a welded frame of small-diameter steel tubes.

Patented by Milanese coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring in 1936. David Brown, then owner of Aston Martin, licenced the technology for the DB4, DB5, and DB6 models in the 1950s and 60s, for the princely sum of £9 (then R18) each for the first 500 cars bodies and £5 (R10) each thereafter.


The interior is trimmed as befits the car’s persona as a ‘Gran Turismo muscle car’ with Sports Plus performance seats and steering wheel trimmed in a mix of supple leather and alcantara; keyless entry, tyre pressure monitoring a 360-degree camera with parking sensors and display are standard, as are DAB plus Bluetooth audio and phone streaming, iPod, iPhone and USB playback, integrated satellite navigation and a wi-fi hub – all displayed on a central LCD screen and controlled via a rotary ‘twist and push’ switch.

The price tag in the South African market for the supercar is RR5.5 – R6 million, orders have already been taken in South Africa, the first batch is expected to arrive in Cape Town.

Video Credit- Aston Martin- YouTube

Photo Credit- iOL

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