At least 13 dead in Uganda floods

KAMPALA – Heavy rainstorms in Western Uganda have left many homeless and at least 13 dead as houses were swamped and eroded.
Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Rubanda district police commander Ramathan Tai confirmed that 13 bodies including two babies were recovered soon after the turmoil.
Tai said, “Officers in the rural town of Nfasha recovered at least seven bodies on Tuesday night and found the other six bodies the following day.”
It is reported that heavy rainstorms accompanied by heavy winds in the rural town of Nfasha blew away homes, vandalising plants and also killing small animals.
It is also reported that there are people who are still missing following the rainstorms on Tuesday night.
“There are reports of some people missing, but we are yet to establish the number as some homes were washed away during the rainstorm,” Tai added.
It is believed that the eight men, three women and two babies recovered were in-house when the storm hit before succumbing to death.
Victims of the storm expressed their sadness and anguish towards the storm that have eroded everything they have left with.
Tai added that officers were doing everything in their power to assist all the victims of the storm.
The storm that has lasted over a week is reported to continue in Rubanda and the neighbouring districts in western Uganda.

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