Australian archbishop sentenced to one year for sex abuse cover up

SYDNEY- Australian archbishop was sentenced to one year detention on Tuesday, Philip Wilson, 67, was found guilty for concealing child sexual abuse by a priest.

Wilson the most senior member of  Catholic cleric in the world convicted of concealing child sex abuse, was ordered to be assessed by prison authorities for home detention, instead of jail, and will face court again next month for a decision on where he will serve the sentence.

He will be eligible for bail after six months, the archbishop was facing a maximum of 2 years in jail and according to the Newcastle Herarld newspaper  they reported that Wilson showed no emotion in court when he was sentenced at Newcastle Local Court, some 160 km north of Sydney.

Wilson decided not to comment to the media after the sentencing, the court heard early on during the trial that he was suffering from early stages of Alzheimer’s.

In May he was convicted of covering up a serious indictable offense by another priest, James Fletcher, after he was told about it in 1976 when he was an assistant parish priest in the state of New South Wales. Wilson’s lawyers remained that he was innocent throughout the trial.

Fletcher was found guilty of nine counts of child abuse in 2004 and died in jail after suffering a stroke.

Photo Credit- Times of Malta

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