Avoid being a fraud victim this season

Consumers are urged not to fall victims of the current bank cards scam, whereby fraudsters gain access to their internet banking online profile.
Fraudsters are sending unsuspecting consumers fake emails and texts telling them that a fraud has occurred on their bank accounts. They soon call consumers pretending to be bank employees offering to help them block any fraudster transactions. They first start by saying that consumers need to install ‘protection’ software on their pc’s that gives the fraudsters access to their bank accounts.
Kovelin Naidoo, Cyber Security Officer at FNB says, “If someone calls you and requests your personal banking details or to install remote access software on your computer, please end the phone call and contact your banks’ fraud contact centre.” cautions Naidoo.
“As access to banking services through digital channels continues to grow, so does the prevalence of banking scams, therefore we urge consumers to always be vigilant and familiarise themselves with the different types of digital banking fraud, as well as the security measures provided by their respective banks,” concludes Naidoo.
Consumers should always be careful and never let their guards down especially during the season.

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