Ayanda Ncwane assists KZN flood victims and calls for more help

Businesswoman and former reality TV star Ayanda Ncwane has reached out to KZN flood victims and shared how much devastation she has seen.

Calling for help from business owners who are rural born to help flood stricken communities, Ayanda said so many families remain homeless and stranded.

Ayanda visited her hometown Ndwedwe, KwaZulu-Natal where stories of families digging for their loved ones for days broker her heart.

“It’s one thing watching the news it’s another when you hear them tell you how they had to dig their loved ones for days…ohh and some are still buried under heavy stones or washed away in the rivers,” Ayanda shared with her followers.

The businesswoman took blankets and handed over money to families which is to be used towards burial arrangements.

Her urgent plea to business owners and other South Africans is to get water to communities as soon as possible. Many are drinking dirty water from the rivers or stagnant flood water which poses a health risk.

“My team and I are trying our best to deliver water but it’s not enough, more litres are needed urgently,” said Ayanda.

She shared that some families have lost more than one family member and will have to arrange multiple burials at once.

Other celebrities including Zakes Bantwini, Nomcebo Zikode and DJ Tira have come together to raise money for KZN flood victims.

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