Bank of England hold a special vote…to decide who will win the world cup!

LONDON- Britain’s top central bankers did something unusual this week for their policy deliberations this week, deciding which country is most likely to win the World Cup in Russia.

Switzerland, which has been placed in a tough group with five time world champions Brazil, and were surprisingly picked to lift the trophy, but Bank of England Governor Mark Carney whose from Canada said he will be waiting when his home country co-host the World Cup in 2026 before revealing the full results.

He joked at a black-tie event in London’s financial district said on Thursday, “Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for some Monetary Policy Committee members, the result is sealed along with the rest of the transcript. Transparency only goes so far,”

“You will have to wait until 2026 to find out which MPC member’s knowledge of football matches their understanding of the UK economy,” Carney said.

Usually the MPC’s full detailed discussions of their yearly financial and policy discussions are released eight years later. They are typically filled with information of British interest rates during the years.

Predictable if home bias persist then Belgium and Argentina are likely to have the most votes as the Bank of England policy committee’s picks, with two members – Gertjan Vlieghe and Silvana Tenreyro come from those countries.

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