Basetsana Kumalo welcomes Jackie Phamotse sentencing: ‘The dignity of my family has been restored’

Media personality Basetsana Kumalo.

Media mogul Basetsana Kumalo welcomed the sentencing of author Jackie Phamotse after a lengthy legal battle.

Magistrate Saras Naidoo handed down the sentencing in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

Phamotse was sentenced to two years correctional supervision and fined R12,000 for count three or four months imprisonment and on count four R18,000 or six months’ imprisonment.

Basetsana and her husband arrived separately and sat together inside the court, however, Romeo left the court after the sentencing was handed down.

Addressing media alone, Basetsana said that justice was served, and the dignity of her family was restored.

“This unprecedented judgment is a victory not only for my family but for every South African that works hard to earn an honest living,” she said.

“This is also for every South African child that has been cyber bullied, now South Africans have a recourse that they can come to the courts and seek justice should they be cyber bullied.”

Kumalo said the past six years have been horrendous for her family, especially her young children and was relieved that they could finally move on with their lives.

Reflecting on the legal battle Kumalo said it’s important to stand up for yourself and that one should not allow people to define their destinies.

The author of ‘Bare’ was found guilty last year of defaming the power couple over a tweet alleging that Romeo had engaged in a sexual encounter with another man.

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