BBC to increase Religious Programs

London – The British public broadcaster has decided to boost religious programming to encourage greater literacy and have equal coverage of all faiths.

The BBC announcement comes after conducting a religious and ethics review and the decision was welcomed by religious fraternity, as the Church of England applaud the decision and welcomed by Jewish groups.

Two of BBC channels, BBC1 and BBC2 have to at least broadcast  115 hours of religious programmes per year, it amounts to less than five days of religious content over one year.

BBC wants to also cater not only for religious viewers but spiritual viewers as well , as the Independent UK reported that spiritual viewers are often overlooked.

With backlash from atheist and humanist, the BBC has said that the programs should also cater them as well, that reflect their beliefs but it is unclear when this will happen.

This announcement  is also intended to increase viewers religion literacy, the desirable outcome is having a greater understanding of others religion, tackling Islamophobia, anti-Semitisim and other complex issues by having greater coverage of religion.

One journalist said, “A failure to understand religion is a failure to understand humanity and culture.” Anything that tackles this is to be welcomed.​”

Photo Credits – Archbishop of York

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