Biden warns Russia against ‘harmful activities’ at start of first official trip

US President Joe Biden has launched his first official overseas trip with a warning to Russia that it faces “robust and meaningful” consequences should it engage in “harmful activities”.

Biden made clear his intention to strengthen ties with US allies, following strained relations under the Trump administration.

President Biden arrived in the UK on Wednesday.

He will meet PM Boris Johnson to agree a new “Atlantic Charter”.

The pact will be a modern version of the one agreed between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in 1941, with a focus on challenges including climate change and security.

The two are aiming to refresh a vital relationship, following the turbulence of the Trump years and the pressures of the pandemic.

Biden is also expected to meet the Queen at Windsor Castle, attend the G7 leaders’ meeting and join his first Nato summit as president, during his European visit.

At the end of his trip, he is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

The White House has indicated that he intends to cover a “full range of pressing issues” with his Russian counterpart, including arms control, climate change, Russian military involvement in Ukraine, Russia’s cyber-hacking activities and the jailing of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.


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