NORRISTOWN- Bill Cosby lawyers rested their case on Monday during his retrial on sexual assault charges, the comedian declined to testify in his own defence against his one time friend who accused him of drugging her and raping her in a 2004 encounter.

Judge Steven O’Neil also known as America’s Dad for his popular role in the 1980s TV hit show The Cosby Show,  “Do you, Mr Cosby, want to testify?”

Cosby replied in a clear voice, “No, your honour,”

Cosby was in the presence of his lawyers at the Montgomery County Courthouse room in Philadelphia.

Prosecutors called for Cosby to testify to answer against the charges against him and be questioned of the evidence against him.

Witnesses have testified that against Cosby, 80, who faces three counts of of aggravated indecent assault Andrea Constand, 45,  a former administrator of the Temple University women’s basketball team, in his Philadelphia home in January 2004.

The trial is currently in its third week, the last jury the jury were deadlock and unable to reach a verdict, leading prosecutors to try once again.

Cosby has denied any wrongdoing, saying any sexual encounter was consensual.

If Cosby is found guilty he will likely face 10 years in prison, because this is first time offence under state guidelines, however a prosecution spokesperson said in the state of Philadelphia he can be sentenced to three consecutive 10 year sentences.

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