Bishop Makamu steps down from Moja Love pending investigation into ‘viral sexual recording’

Johannesburg – Moja Love has confirmed it has accepted TV presenter and Bishop Israel Makamu’s decision to step down pending an investigation into a viral recording with “Sexual connotations”.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the channel said Bishop was identified as the person behind a voice recording of a telephonic conversation that is alleged to have sexual connotations.

“Moja Love (DStv 157) has accepted Bishop Makamu’s decision to voluntarily step down from the channel pending an internal investigation after a recording with sexual connotations has been circulating on social media. As a channel, we will be conducting an internal investigation before Bishop Makamu is reinstated back to the channel,” read the statement.

On the recording, the AmaBishop presenter could be heard asking the woman if she was alone as he planned to go see her. He then proceeds to ask the lady , “o tlo mpha? (will you give me?)”, to which the woman – who refers to him as “daddy” – replies with a “no” multiple times before giving in and saying she would do so on Sunday.

Bishop Makamu is a pastor in real at the Endless Hope Bible Church and he’s part of several shows on the channel, including Rea Tsotella.

The channel said the bishop admitted that it was his voice in the viral recording, however, he denied that the conservation was sexual.

“On consultation with the channel, Bishop Makamu maintains that he is innocent and says that the recording dates back to 2017. He says the lady in the recording worked for him and their conversation was not sexual in any manner and it was altered to extort money from him. He says he thought the matter had been resolved back then but it suddenly emerged again three weeks ago. Bishop Makamu suspects his character is being assassinated.”

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